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Happy Hops Farm

Mini Bites - Spent Grain FARMDOG Treats

Mini Bites - Spent Grain FARMDOG Treats

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These are a smaller package of our same recipe for our spent grain dog treats. Each resealable bag contains 2 oz of treats.

They are also smaller in size for the littler pups out there! 

For Valentine's Day we have Mini Hearts on sale! Use code FARMPUPS


Made with spent brewer’s grains- barely malt, wheat, flaked oats.

After the brewers boil the grains to create a wort (liquid base of beer) the left over grains are discarded - usually tossed out or given to farmers to feed their animals. We utilize some of those grains to make our dog treats. Some other all natural ingredients we add-




Happy hops farm - maple syrup or honey 


Sugar Free Yogurt 


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